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About the engine management systems on your car

The Engine Management System’s main function is to ensure the engine develops the power demanded by the driver, while at the same time keeping fuel consumption down and ensuring minimum emissions.

More recent Engine Management Systems combine all subsystems involved:

  • The electronic throttle control adjusts the correct air quantity for this engine torque.
  • The fuel injection subsystem injects the appropriate amount of fuel.
  • The ignition subsystem provides the necessary spark (electric current) at precisely the right moment in time.
  • Various names may apply for example ECM Engine Control Module, PCM Powertrain Control Module and the ECU Engine Control Unit.

The Engine Management System increases not only driving comfort, fuel and emission efficiency, but also the safety of the driver and occupants. For example, if the on board electronic stability program (ESP, SMC, PSM) or ABS system requires a particular level of engine power in order to ensure efficient vehicle traction, this power is adjusted by the engine management system. There may be other computer systems on your car that have specific functions and points of integration.

ACE Auto Electricians perform work on cars requiring repairs to electronic management systems and other computer systems. Whether your car is having trouble starting or won’t start at all, is running rough, hesitating, has poor fuel economy or mileage, or has poor performance you may need to have the Engine Management System or Computer System checked or serviced and we can help.

We can check, repair or service your car’s engine management system, oxygen sensors, air flow meter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injectors, fuel tank, and other system components onsite.

ACE Auto Electrician come to you 7 days a week to attend to you and your vehicle offering you protection and peace of mind with our nationwide 12 month - 20,000km warranty.

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