Warning Lights

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Warning lights are usually contained in the dashboard instrument panel or console of your car.

On more modern cars warning lights should include many of the following:

  • ABS light
  • Air Bag light
  • Battery/Charge light
  • Brake light
  • Check/Service Engine light
  • Coolant light
  • Door light
  • Fuel light
  • Glow Plug light (for diesels)
  • Oil light
  • Park Brake lights
  • Seat Belt light

Warning Light Images

If one or more important gauges or warning lights in your dash such as Check Engine, Service Engine, Battery/Charge, Coolant, Oil, Brake, ABS or Airbag warning light symbols stays on, you should have your car checked as soon as possible. Leaving warning lights unattended may cause significant damage and leave you stranded, which could have been otherwise avoided.

We can attend to and check the warning lights and repair the causes of the warning, leaving you safe and secure.

ACE Auto Electrician come to you 7 days a week to attend to you and your vehicle offering you protection and peace of mind with our nationwide 12 month - 20,000km warranty.

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